Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only offer green cleaning for residential & commercial spaces
No, we specialize in green cleaning but we will cater to our customers and their needs. For example, if you would like us to clean the bathroom with commercial cleaners and the rest of your home with eco-friendly products, we will do so but this must be requested. No additional charge.
What if there is a something I would like done to an area of my home or business but it isn't listed on your check list, What can I do
You don't see a service please give us a call. We truly take pride in being able to personalize the checklist to fit your personal lifestyle.
Is there an additional charge for using green products
There is no extra cost to you for the products we specialize in, we are only interested in keeping your enviorment clean and sparkling.
What methods of payment do you accept, when are payments due
We accept cash, checks and all major credit/debit cards. You may also do split tenders however you see fit. Payments are due after your cleaning has been complete.
Must I be present during my home and/or business cleaning
No. It's your choice to stay around or take advantage of the free time. Just leave us a key and we'll get your house cleaned! We are here to make your life easier!
How do I book my cleaning service?
Please give us a call  at 504-909-5001 and an agent will  gladly schedule an appointment an with you.
What happens after I book my cleaning?
After booking your appointment with us , we will review the request and accept the booking. You should recieve a confirmation text and e-mail from us. Next, anticipate your first cleaning from us!
I am worried about my children & pet, do you use organic cleaners?
We use all organic cleaners unless you request commercial cleaners.
What is a Deep Clean?
Our deep clean is recommended for the first visit. A deep clean includes all the services of a basic cleaning , plus more! This in-depth cleaning will get your home 'super' clean. After this our 'basic' service will keep your house in top shape. This service is also useful after social events, or before (or after) the holiday season.
What is your cancellation policy?
We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 1 day before the beginning of your appointment or you may be charged a cancellation fee of $20.00.
What services do you not offer?
We do not offer wet wiping of light bulbs, resurfacing/waxing/refinishing of floors, extensive carpet cleaning , large furniture moving and large trash disposal.
Sunday: 10am – 6pm
Monday: 6am – 9pm
Tuesday: 6am – 9pm
Wednesday: 6am-9pm
Thursday: 6am-9pm
Friday: 6am-9pm
Saturday: 6am – 6pm
Contact us for bookings or questions regarding the services we have available.
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